Artists Residency Serra do Açor
Jem Southam

(versão portuguesa)

For 5 days, from June 26 to June 30, Atelier de Lisboa organizes an Artists Residency with Jem Southam in the village of Monte Redondo in the Serra do Açor.

During this residency, students will be guided in the development of an individual body work. Participants should expect an intensive schedule of classes and work production. In its initial phase, a methodology  will be defined as well as a schedule of classes and production, editing and completion of works established.

Participation in the Residence is limited to 10 participants. Candidates must pre-register on the Atelier de Lisboa website and send a portfolio and a biography (, after which an interview may be scheduled.
Contact Atelier de Lisboa for any clarification.

The sessions and tutorials with Jem Southam will be in English.

The classes are held in Monte Redondo, Arganil, Serra do Açor.

Classes take place from Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th June.
Class schedules will be set on site.
The first meeting at Monte Redondo is set to wednesday the 26th at 6 p.m. The last meeting will be on Sunday the 30th of June in the afternoon. The classes will be scheduled to best fit the production of work by participants.

Students’ work will be seen and edited through the projection in data-show or through printed images. A printer will be available to print the images for classes.

Equipment for the Residence:
Each participant must bring their photographic equipment (digital or film) and laptop.

Production of the works:
Images can be produced in film or digital format, though the use of digital format will always be required for viewing of work. The participants that choose to produce their work in film shall be required to have equivalent images in digital format or Polaroid to enable the viewing and editing of work during the duration of the residency.

Atelier on the spot:
To support the work of participants, there will be an A3 printer, material for developing B&W films, a scanner and tools for cutting and preparing images for classes.

Accommodation will be provided by local entities.

Included in the residence are the dinners from 26 to 29 (4 dinners) and the lunch on the 30th. The remaining food expenses are the responsibility of each participant. The lodgings have a place to cook. Food options or restrictions should be communicated to the organization in advance.

Transportation to Monte Redondo in the Serra do Açor:
Transportation to Monte Redondo, Arganil, is the responsibility of each participant. Those who do not want to go by own transport, we recommend the transportation by bus to Moita Serra (Arganil) by Rede Expressos, where we will pick up the participants who choose this mode of transportation.

The fee for the residency is €580; Two payments of € 290 (€ 235 + VAT). The first payment must be made at the time of admission to the residence, the second payment must be made before  June 25. Contact Atelier de Lisboa to know all payment methods.

Jem Southam will be assisted by Bruno Pelletier Sequeira, Jorge Neves and Miguel Rodrigues.

This residence is organized by the Atelier de Lisboa with the support of local entities (Municipality of Folques, Comission for the Improvement of Monte Redondo, Neighborhood Assembly of Monte Redondo) and individuals (Jorge Neves and Nathalie van Put).

5 Days
26th to 30th June 2019
Wednesday to Sunday
Tuition fees: 2 payments of 290€

Enrollment now open